"Nachwuchs am Essbaren Spielplatz,Übelbach bei Graz""Praxisworkshops: Hügelbeet, Terrassierung, Anlegen von Retensionbecken,..."Mit Josef Andreas Holzer, unserer amerikanischen Ausbildungsgruppe un

Nature Experience: school and kindergarten projects

"Project Duluth/USA"

Seminars on the new "Holzerhof" with Sepp Holzer

Duck stall construction for hardworking snail eaters

School garden project TAPTANA / Leoben

"Sepp Holzer and Vroni with PermaVitae"

Presentation of the Jury Prize "Chrismon-love-Earth" in 2014 for the "First Edible Town in Austria"

Workshop: Crater garden, here: Montana / USA

"1. Edible town in Austria / Übelbach" - Excursion

Planning and Consulting

Water retention basin workshop: Modelling with clay

Visitors from Chile, Canada and the USA in the "Edible Übelbach"

"Practice Workshops: Hügelbeet, terracing, creating pools of retension, ..."

Internat. workshop travel (Holzer's Permaculture / wilderness culture), here with Klaus Heidegger (Malibu / USA)

Führung am "Krameterhof" für Mitglieder und internationale Gäste

Welcome at the website of PermaVitae!

PermaVitae is a nonprofit organization that makes it his task to identify ways to a sustainable way of life and to help people find (back), step by step, to a conscious life in harmony with nature .
Through planning and implementation of various urban and rural projects a biologically healthy agriculture according to the principles of Holzer's Permaculture / agroecology. That path should be supported and encouraged in a more natural life.
The philosophy that earthiness and actionable for anyone possibilities of Holzer's Permaculture / agroecology should be disseminated and made ​​accessible to all .
PermaVitae works closely with Sepp Holzer and organize joint events.
PermaVitae follows the path of co-existence , of any geographic, ethnic, linguistic , ... border.
Our team is consisting of trained Permaculture / agroecology practitioners working at the regional and inter-regional as well as national and international level .
Permanent exchange and learning is to us and to each other important!
A PermaVitae membership offers various possibilities of mutual exchange and includes many interesting offers for you and your family.